Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Non-sanctioned eating trial

So, last week mama did a little trial on Maryam and her new eating abilities.
1. I wanted to see if I can get Maryam to take her meds orally.
2. I wanted to experiment with more solid foods.
3. I wanted to see if she can go a week without a night time bolus and NOT lose weight.
As for getting Maryam to take her meds orally I mixed 2 ounces of fortified strawberry Pediasure with the meds in her Honey Bear Cup. I gave it to her when she woke up every morning and then again at night around 7-8pm. The super great news is she drank it down in about 10-15 minutes!
As for experimenting with more solids, Maryam did exceptionally well! In the mornings she actually asked for pancakes or waffles or a Hershey Bar. I cut them up in very small pieces and she was able to get half of either the waffle or pancake down in about 30 minutes at breakfast!
At lunch time I offered her Mac n cheese with pepper and she could eat almost half a serving of ready Mac in the allotted 30 minutes!
At dinner time we've been much better at serving her what we've been eating and it turns out that Maryam loves ground beaf and tacos! She asked for tacos a couple nights in a row! Maryam went two whole days without a single pureed meal!!!!
As for Maryam's weight, I'm not going to lie, I was nervous! But, my fears were unfounded. Maryam didn't gain, but she didn't lose either. We all joke that Maryam is so active that it doesn't seem possible that she doesn't drop a pound everyday!
Maryam managed to keep her weight on, take her meds orally and progress with her solid foods. I have to say, it was a GREAT week!

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knuts2knit said...

WOOT! What amazing progress! Go M!
((HUGS)) from Ohio
Ellen & Ally

susanh929 said...

YAY Maryam! That is awesome!