Thursday, September 10, 2009

Maryam eating chips & a pregnancy update

I just thought this was a great picture of Maryam eating! Look at how relaxed and non-threatened she is by holding and eating!!! She is an entirely different child than she was before the CHOC Feeding Clinic.
She looks at food very differently than she did prior to learning what to really do with it. Now she knows that food doesn't have to be feared. Food isn't scary. And yes, food can even be enjoyed. Maryam loves chips! I cannot wait to remove that button from her tummy. I think it will be great when the only button on her abdomen is her belly button!!!
In non Maryam news, I've been in the hospital since Tuesday afternoon because of Pregnancy Induced Hypertension. Since my arrival my blood pressure has been brought down and controlled by the combination of meds and bedrest. I really tried being on bedrest at home, but those of you who know Maryam know that she is a VERY active toddler. She takes in 1200-1400 cals a day and burns the same! We know that because her weight doesn't change!
It looks like the only way I can get real bedrest and not "Jennifer's fake version" of bedrest is to have hospital bedrest. The bummer about that is having to be away from Maryam for another 5 weeks, living in a hospital and being away from my family & friends. The good thing about it is if I can keep the BP down, the baby won't have to be delivered prematurely. Imagine the Preemie pandemonium with two of them in one house! Agh!!!
I am trying to convince the perinatologists that I can do bedrest down the street at our friend Jen & Mike's house. They live 4.5 miles from the hospital and Maryam can visit me there. I don't want her to visit me here because she's all too familiar with hospitals and doctors and they freak her out. Just going with me to a prenatal check-up scared her. Seeing me laying in a hospital bed with an IV would be too much. So, maybe by the end of the weekend I'll be sprung from the hospital and staying with friends. Wish me luck!
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