Friday, August 28, 2009

Eating, eating, eating.....

I bet you're starting to wonder if we talk about anything else in this house besides Maryam's eating progress. The truth is, yes, but not much else!
Maryam ate an entire Maryam sized bowl of mac & cheese tonight for dinner NOT pureed! Woohoo!!!!! That's HUGE! It took her a little over half hour, but she did it.
Maryam and Daddy had a great time at Disneyland yesterday! They went to both parks, rode on 10 rides, watched the parade, fireworks show and Fantasmic. They didn't get home until nearly 2am. Thankfully Maryam stayed asleep when he took her out of the car. He said she ate really well at the park and snacked on chips and popcorn between meals. Maryam loves salty stuff. One of the attractions that stood out with Maryam was the Muppet Theater 3D Show. She has been watching the Muppet Show all day on DVD because of it. Earlier in the week she informed me that she'd like to be Fossy Bear for Halloween. Only Maryam.

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