Thursday, January 1, 2009

Outside, Hemet (Helmet)

When Maryam wakes up in the morning she usually asks for one of two things and occasionally a third.  The first thing is ALWAYS "outside".  The girl LOVES being outside. She doesn't care how cold or hot it is, if she has shoes or clothes on, all she knows is she wants to go play outside.  The second thing is her "hemet".  She always wants to wear her helmet!  It used to be over at Brett's parents house, but they gave it to us to bring here when Maryam got a scooter and tricycle for Christmas.  So ever since...which has only been a week, she wakes up every morning and asks for her "hemet".  The irony is when she first came home from the hospital her pediatrician told me that I need to work on the shape of her head or she'd end up in a DOC band (baby head shaping helmet).  I was constantly aware of how I had her head facing when she was laying down or even when she was in the swing.  I was constantly rotating her head to make sure I did everything in my power to avoid the DOC band.  And now she's requesting a helmet!  I know they're totally different, but it is still pretty funny!

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Cynthia said...

Hey Jen... my twins both wore DOC bands when they were 5 months until they were about a year old. Tyler actually went through two helmets. Because they were born preemies and didn't have any muscle, they had some misshaped heads from not being able to move their heads. At the time, it was a new thing so its so odd to hear about it now because they're 11 years old now! I tell you what though, it worked wonders. Tyler is still a bit asymetrical but Marc's head is perfectly rounded.