Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy 2009 Everyone!!!!

Now that the Rose Bowl game is over I can rest assured that our New Year's Day is going to end pleasantly!
We had Maryam dressed in a USC jersey (Thanks Trip), jean skirt (Thanks Leanne), white tights (Thanks Brande), white leggings (Thanks Marcy) and sparkly Chuck Taylor All Star shoes (Thanks Christi).  Unfortunately Maryam slipped in the bathtub reaching for a crayon and Brett dropped the camera trying to help me catch her.  Sooooo, I think Brett broke our camera.  This would be the second camera he has broken in about 6 months.  Note to self, don't buy an expensive camera....note to everyone else, stop lending us your cameras...odds against getting it back are slim to none.  I did manage to get some OK photos on my BB, I'll try to upload them later.  They're not the best quality, but you'll get to see just how cute and girly she looked, even dressed for football!
In good news, Maryam hasn't complained about her Mic-Key button hurting her in about 5 days!  How awesome is that?  HOORAY!  I have to call Dr. Henar on Wednesday and update him, I'd love to be able to tell him that she hasn't complained about it anymore and that we can take surgery off of the table!  Say your prayers everyone!!!!!

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