Thursday, December 11, 2008

Maryam, Maryam, Maryam

So, this morning Maryam comes up to me and says "tigga outside". I tell her that we can go out and see Tigger, but first I have to put my shoes and socks on. She comes into my room and watches me put them on. As I'm putting on my socks she says "my socks" and I tell her that she's already wearing socks, these are Mommy's socks. Then I put my shoes on and she says "my sues" and I tell her again that she's already wearing shoes but now Mommy is putting her shoes on. Then she says "we Tigga" and I tell her I know she wants to go outside to see Tigger and that WE, her and I will go out in a second. She says again "we Tigga" and I tell her again that WE will go outside as soon as my shoes are all the way on. This time she says "NO WE TIGGA" and I tell her that I have no idea what she means. So I open the back door and let her go play with Tigger. She runs out and touches his foot, then runs back inside and picks up Good Night Moon and then runs back outside again, sits down, opens the book and starts reading to Tigger. So, "WE TIGGA" apparently means "read to Tigger". Who knew?
After she got finished "we Tigga" she started playing in the dirt. My little dirt baby had so much dirt on her that Daddy had to give her a bath before her nap! She had dirt coming out of her diaper!
I don't know if I've wrote this on here before, but one of Maryam's favorite things to do in the whole wide world is get the mail. She LOVES mail! She loves it at home, she loves it at both sets of Grandparents, she just loves it! When we walk down the street to get it she repeats "mail, mail, mail, mail" all the way to the mail box. Well tonight it was cold so Daddy got her ready for the walk to the box. I think its a bit over kill, but his argument was with all the respiratory problems she's had lately he'd rather be safe than sorry. I think it was 54 degrees outside....looks like she's dressed for 32! But super cute!
In an eating note, Maryam hasn't been eating very well (not that she ever really does, but worse than normal). I attribute that to the ear infections. It hurts to swallow when her ears are infected. But today she did something she hadn't done before. Daddy decided to give her chocolate covered peanuts. She proceeded to suck the chocolate off and hand the peanut back to him. Funny baby.
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knuts2knit said...

Geez mom! LOL! She was just informing you of her plans. . .no need to come along. . :)
54 degrees. . LOL. Come on over to Ohio Maryam! You'll fit right in with your cold weather attire!
Love you guys! WE TIGGA!
Ellen & Ally

susanh929 said...

very cute story "we tigga" - love it!