Saturday, December 13, 2008

Boo Boo Owie

Here are some pictures of Maryam running a muck around the backyard. Running and playing in the dirt are two of her favorite things and fortunately our backyard is fully stocked on dirt. Don't you just love her outfit? It's one of the 10 she got for her birthday! This one is from Auntie Sarah and Cowdy Scott.
In the above picture Maryam is pushing a tub around the backyard. The whole time she did this she repeated the word "bucket" over and over again. Its one of her new favorite words, it is kind of fun to say I guess.
Maryam fell down and scratched her hand up. She walked up to me, held up her hand and said "Boo Boo Owie". The Band Aid didn't stay on long. She was way too interested in it to leave it alone long enough for it to serve it's purpose.
If read my blog last week then you know Maryam had antibiotic injections into her legs three days in a row. Everyday she points to her legs and says "boo boo owie". When I change her diaper she says it too, and when I ask her where they are she looks down at her legs and gets a shocked look on her face and says "all gone!" I guess she thinks if there isn't a Band Aid there, then there is no more owie! LOL
Funny story, two days ago I was looking for the hammer and nails because I wanted to put up this fish tank thingy Maryam got for her birthday. I searched high and low for the hammer. She was walking around with me calling it. It was so cute! Finally I went into the garage and she came out with me and I told her "we're looking for a hammer and nails, got it?" Maryam looks at me and says "got it!" Then a split second later looks around and I hear "a ball!" And back inside she went, ball in hand. Like Brett always says, "short attention span theater."
Happy Saturday everyone!

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Anonymous said...

we are in san diego .My daughter was born at 27 wks IUGR in 2006.Maybe we cud hv a playdate or exchange notes since maryam n bella are about the same age .

Maryam's Mommy said...

My email address is
Email me.

Anonymous said...

I have sent an email along with my daughter's photo