Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Another day in the life!

Here are some photos of Maryam playing with two of her new toys from her birthday. Bath time Pooh and bath time Tigger...she LOVES them!
In the picture above she is hugging Tigger, in the picture below she is waving to Pooh and saying "hi". She had lots of fun playing with them.
Well we took Maryam in for her third dose of the antibiotics injection today. We walk into the lobby and Brett is taking her to sit down when he sees her button fall out of her shirt. Not a shirt button, but her Mic-Key Button! It just fell out of her tummy, out of her shirt and onto the floor. We took her back down to the car to put a new button in. But when we looked at the balloon in the old button it looked weird. It was black! I'd never seen anything like it. Usually it just looks like old plastic, this time there was some sort of black film on it. When we saw the doctor I showed it to her and she seems to think its either Iron, which Maryam doesn't take, so she ruled that out right away, or dried up blood. She said that if it was blood that it was a lot of blood to cause it to look like that. Needless to say I'm calling Maryam's GI Doc tomorrow to schedule an appointment to see if he can figure out what's going on with it.
Back to the injection... Maryam started crying as soon as she saw the nurse. It broke poor Rafael's heart that she reacted the way she did....she was genuinely afraid of him. It was so sad to see, she clung to me so hard. Brett had to take her off of me to lay her down on the bed and she didn't stop crying until about a half hour after the shot. Thankfully today's dose was the last of it. Dr. Mohan took a look at Maryam's ears and one of them was completely cured and the other still had a little bit of infection. I'm going to take her back again next week to make sure that the infection in that ear is all the way gone.

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knuts2knit said...

I love the 'I had my hair up in a ponytail/pigtail today' hair-do. . LOL!
Looks like some great bath toys! Rub-a-dub-dub!
Ellen & Ally

Emily said...

I can't remember if she's on a proton-pump inhibitor but if she is that will turn the button black. We had the same thing happened and it freaked me out.

Sarah said...

Emery had a black button balloon once, ugh! It happened a long time ago, though, and hasn't happened since. Hope it's a one-time deal!