Wednesday, November 26, 2008


The good news is Maryam still has no idea that she's sick. Apparently we were able to get the antibiotics into her system before her ears and chest notified the rest of her body that they're infected. She had a fever last night, but only for a half hour.
Today Maryam's pediatrician called to let us know that the radiologist did see pneumonia in the x-ray, but the antibiotics she prescribed for her ears will help get rid of the pneumonia as well. She also told us that the radiologist saw signs of asthma. We're not overly surprised by this. Apparently babies with Chronic Lung Disease more often than not develop asthma. With Brett's history of asthma, Maryam didn't stand a chance of not getting it!
Maryam's pediatrician doesn't want to label her as an asthmatic yet though. She wants to wait for Maryam's next cold to see if it affects her similarly. Plus, the treatment her pulmonologist assigned to manage Maryam's Chronic Lung Disease was designed to treat asthma too, just in case. So, nothing would change as far as medications go if she were to get an official diagnosis.
Oh more good news....the medicine is working really well. Maryam hasn't coughed since this morning! I'm guessing that means that her lung has already started fixing itself. Maryam has always responded well to steroids, she's been on them since before she was born. (Maybe that's why she's harrier than a monkey!)

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The Shultzs said...

So glad she's starting to feel better Jen. Praying she'll continue to get well fast. :-)