Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Another Sleepless Night

So yesterday Maryam had a bad night. She was coughing for the better part of the night. By the time the morning came I could hear that she was coughing to catch her breath. It freaked me out, of course. I called her Pediatrician right away and we were able to get Maryam in before noon to have her checked out. Her oximetry in the doctor's office ranged anywhere from 92%-96% which isn't too bad, but still isn't good. It basically proved that her cough was definitely a cough to try to get more air.
After listening to her lungs she was sent to get an x-ray...oh the joy. Poor little punkin screamed for all 4 shots. It took both Brett and I to hold her still because she was just so freaked out. It sucked. The x-rays showed that there was no pneumonia, which is GREAT! But that Maryam has what is called atelectasis. Apparently its a partial collapse of a lung due to weakness, in her case, weakness from Chronic Lung Disease. She also has acute bronchitis and double ear infections...Good times.
So, she got yet another antibiotic, another inhaled steroid, and an oral steroid. The inhaled one is only for 24 hours...every 6 hours, can't wait for 1pm. And she has to have Albuterol every 3 hours. (When we do the two treatments at the same time it takes 35 minutes!) After the first 24 hours, again....c'mon 1pm, we can know the Albuterol treatments down to every 4 hours. Then every 24 hours we can go down 2 more hours until we're back down to every 12 hours.
Putting O2 back on her last night was not pleasant. She tried numerous times to take the tape off of her face, she cried, scratched and pulled at her cannula and cried Mommy or Daddy the whole time. Talk about heart breaking.
Well, she was up a few times last night. I, on the other hand, was up a lot more. Its hard to sleep when you know your baby is having a hard time breathing. I kept having this ridiculous fear of apnea and of her not being able to bring herself out of it.
I'll try to post pictures later.

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Anonymous said...

poor sweetie .Hope she gets well soon.I follow your blog and I am in similar boat,daughter born at 27wks .YOu are an incredible mom and I come here to rejuvenate myself when I get tired of my daughter .Hope she gets well soon