Friday, November 28, 2008

SO Thankful

I'm so lucky. Just a few minutes ago I was rocking Maryam to sleep and she just couldn't drift off. Every time she'd start to go to sleep her eyes would pop open, she'd look at me, giggle and smile. And of course that would make me giggle and smile and it turned into a little game. As she got a little more tired her eyes would pop open and I'd get a little smile and I'd smile back to keep the game going. After a few minutes of this, right before I thought she was going to fall asleep, she opened her eyes, smiled at me and said "huga peace". I helped her up onto my chest and she gave me a really big hug and even rubbed my back. She practically brought me to tears. I love that little girl.
In a health update, Maryam hasn't coughed since Wednesday. Hooray! She's as active as ever and she refuses to rest. In fact, yesterday she didn't even take a nap, by 9:30 she was out like a light and didn't wake up this morning until 10:15!
Brett is taking me to Vegas for our anniversary (I have THE BEST husband EVER!! Another thing to be thankful for!). Our super rad friends Christi and Shawn are coming with us, its their anniversary too. We're having an "a-NEVADA-versary" an "Ani-VEGAS-ry"!!! (....those are for you Bomb!)
Oh and the reason there are no pictures is because both Brett and I left our house twice yesterday and managed to leave the camera behind! Can you believe that? A family holiday with no pictures? What is my world coming to?

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