Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Sorry that I haven't updated in a while, I haven't been feeling well.
The above photo is Maryam walking around with her bag of Cheerios and Mr. Bishop is looking for remnants. We tried giving her some fried rice the other night. I think she may have swallowed a little bit of it, but for the most part she spit it all back out before taking a drink. Darn.
Last night Brett took Maryam over to Grandma and Popop's house for dinner. He said she swallowed Cheese Puffs, Cheerios and Gerber Puffs. I've never seen her eat the Gerber Puffs before. Usually she spits them out immediately but we all know she prefers salty stuff to sweet stuff. Today she's been munching on Goldfish! She doesn't like the red or purple ones, she spits those out. So far she has swallowed the green and yellow ones! And I gave her some Top Ramen noodles today and she put them in her mouth! That's the first time she's even held them in her hand let alone actually put them into her mouth. That is definite progress.
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Anonymous said...

Her glasses look so cute on her! It's so great to see how well Maryam is doing!