Sunday, October 5, 2008

First Trip to Oak Glen, CA

WHAT A DAY! Brett and I took Maryam up to Oak Glen for the day. Cowdy Scott, Auntie Sarah and Charlie Mae met up with us on the way there and Yaya and Papa came with us from Twentynine Palms. First we stopped to pick pumpkins in this SUPER HUGE pumpkin patch. Maryam got REALLY dirty. I actually had to change her clothes when she was done. And honestly she was more interested in running free and playing in the dirt than she was in all the "balls!" She stopped calling them balls quickly. She also didn't like how prickly the vines were.
Maryam hadn't seen Charlie Mae in over a month and she was so happy to see her. Charlie Mae hugged her and Maryam smiled and leaned in. That's all the affection one can ask for from Maryam. It was very touching.
After pumpkin picking we went to Oak Tree Village where the girls got to play in the petting zoo. Maryam went NUTS! She loved it. She ran in and instantly started petting a super huge black pig. It could have very easily eaten her. She just ran around from animal to animal feeding them kernels of corn. She would only feed them one kernel at a time though. And yes, she did put a kernel in her mouth, shocker. We all had a wonderful time.
I have some wonderful eating news. While we were sitting down at lunch I was giving Charlie and Maryam Cheese Puffs. Maryam swallowed them! Notice in the photos where Maryam is wearing the pink dear shirt there is very little, if any orange on her shirt. The best part, she wasn't wearing a bib! Those Cheese Puffs were swallowed! HOORAY!
Auntie Sarah came over and gave some Cheerios to Charlie and put some on Maryam's stroller tray. Maryam took them one by one and put them in her mouth. I thought, wait for it, they'll all be coming out any second now. She has a tendency to pack them in like a chipmunk and then spit them all out in one big clump. When they didn't come out I had her say, "ah." I saw that she had a mouth full of mushy Cheerios. I quickly put a straw into a water bottle and had her take a swig. She took a few sips and swallowed 3 times. I had her open her mouth again and it was all gone! HOORAY! She swallowed 5 Cheerios. Then she did it again and again and again! Only she wasn't needing the assistance of the water anymore. It was like she just knew what to do. All in all I'd say she ate between 20 - 30 Cheerios today. I couldn't be happier. This is day 3 of Maryam swallowing food. Say your prayers that this is just the beginning of a lifetime of normal eating from now on.

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The Shultzs said...

Awesome about the cheerio's! :-)
I love the pics of her with the animals. :)
Keep up the eatin' Maryam you are an amazing little girl! :)