Friday, October 10, 2008

22 months

I think its funny that we mom refer to our babies in months. Today Maryam was exactly 22 months. STRANGE. Its hard to believe that in only 2 months my little baby will be 2 years old. When are we supposed to stop saying their age in months anyway? Maryam is wearing an outfit that Auntie Maymay (My friend Mayda) gave to her. I never thought this would happen to me, but I'm actually kind of sad that she's big enough to be wearing 24 months. Its weird, because for the first year and a half of her life I was SUPER happy when she'd go up a size because that meant she was healthy and growing. After hearing "failure to thrive" too many times you start praying for weight gain and larger clothes. BUT LOOK AT HER A YEAR AGO!

So small. Its almost like looking at two different babies! What a difference a year can make, well, what a difference a month can make! Just a few months ago Maryam was still on oxygen and not walking. Maybe that's why we mothers refer to our babies ages in months, because so much can happen in a month. OK, I solved the mystery.

Well, I've been a very bad blogger. I wrote the above passage yesterday and never published it. DUMB. Oh well. This photo is of Maryam and her OT Dawn. Dawn will be having a baby of her own in a few short weeks. Maryam really seems to like Dawn. Of course today Maryam did not perform to her best abilities. BUT she did swallow a Cheerio and a few pieces of a french fry. She also swallowed A LOT of ranch dressing which is good because ranch dressing has many calories in it!
I've been taking Maryam to the park in the morning so she can run out some of her energy. I've noticed that when she's outside all she wants to do is run around. It got me thinking that maybe she's not outside enough. So, I'm doing the good stay at home mommy thing and taking her to the park. Yesterday some moron lady asked me Maryam's age. I told her that she'll be 2 in December. (I avoided the whole month age thing that time...its hard to remember! I have to remember two! She's 22 months actual but 18 months and 1 week adjusted...c'mon!) She actually looked at her and said, "why is she so small?" Um, she's not! I got mad and wanted to say, "why are you so ugly?" but I didn't. I just said "She's not small, she's huge, she started out as only 1 pound 10 ounces." The lady said, "oh, wow. Sorry." I just took Maryam off the swing and left. Of course that made Maryam really mad...she wasn't done swinging, but I didn't want to have to subject myself or Maryam to anymore idiocy. I know that we preemie moms are a sensitive bunch, but really, Maryam isn't small for her age at all, not for her actual age and especially not for her adjusted age.
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Christi said...

People are so STUPID! She's really not small at all... And besides, your family is full of cute, tiny, petite women and it wouldn't be at all surprising if Maryam WAS small. Hello! Genetics? Just like it makes sense that Ian and Anna would be tall; our family is full of giants :) People should really think before they speak.

Jennifer said...

For that woman at the park's the pictures it looks like she is actually TALL for her age! That woman must think that all 2 year olds need to look like they'll all be in a future NBA basketball team! Honestly...people need to learn to think...especially before they let their thoughts flow out of their mouths like a river. I'm sorry you had to run into such an idiotic person and got your feelings hurt. HUGS

The Shultzs said...

I found myself spitting out my coffee about the ugly Maryam is perfect! She seems right on target for size. :-)
I agree with the other two ladies, people don't even think sometimes before they open their mouths.
You handled yourself wonderfully though Jen. :-)
My kids are always accused of being "huge" because they are all tall like their Daddy. :-)

susanh929 said...

OMG! Maryam is not tiny! Wonder what that lady would say if she saw McKenzie and I told her McKenzie was a week older than Maryam! Oh and the answer to the "months" thing - I think at 2 I will stop saying how many months old she is and just start saying "she was 2 in December." I just have always done that - I guess it makes sense, in clothes sizes after 24 months it goes to 2T - I never thought of that before :)

Anonymous said...

It's amazing the stupid things that come out of peoples mouths! Don't you just wish sometimes we had the guts to say what we think!? I cannot believe that is the same baby, one year later! You are right, huge difference in one months time, let alone a year! She is so cute & I am so happy that she is doing so well. LOL about the ranch calories...hit home thinking about all the calories I swallowed today dippin my fries in ranch at Red Robbin!

sharon said...

Where or where is my little Maryams update. Have not heard about you in 4 days. Granny Sharon is starting to worry. I said a pray for you last night. Gonna call your Mommie shortly. Love you sweetie
Granny Shaaron