Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Halloween Time at Disneyland

We decided to take Maryam to Disneyland one last time before her winter "quarantine" started. Me and Yaya met up with Cowdy Scott, Auntie Sarah, Charlie Mae, Cowdy Justin and Auntie Lynn at California Disney. We took the girls to see the live action/puppet show of Play House Disney. The girls went nuts! They loved it. Afterward we headed over to the main park where we had lunch and then went on the carousel. Cowdy Justin and Auntie Lynn left shortly after that because Auntie Lynn had some work she had to get done. But they did get Maryam these super stylish Tinker Bell sunglasses!
After the carousel we met up with the Carnes family and a couple McGrorty ladies and hit the Mad Hatter. As you can see, we're not above putting Maryam in yet another set of Mickey ears. But we couldn't resist, they're Mickey O'Lantern ears! I thought this hat was adorable. So did Sarah and Christi because they bought their kids the same hat.
We headed over to Adventure land to try to get on Pirates and The Haunted Mansion (my favorite rides), but they both had over an hour long wait, so that's when we went on the Winnie the Pooh ride. After that we thought for sure that Charlie and Maryam would fall asleep, NOPE. Sarah and Scott left Charlie with us and went out to dinner. So, we met back up with the Carnes/McGrorty clan for more rides and too much shopping. Per usual, Maryam went nuts on The Jungle Cruise. That ride is by far her favorite in the park. She jumps up and down and points and makes funny noises at the animals.
These are some tired babies, but they still had fun! All the girls wore their Halloween outfits. Don't they look adorable? This picture was taken on the honey pots outside of the Winnie the Pooh ride. Charlie Mae and Maryam went on the Pooh ride twice because they had to go on it again with Anna!
I'd love to take Maryam again at Christmas. I'm going to ask her Preemie Follow-up doctor when we see her at the end of the month if we can.
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Anonymous said...

Looks like you guys had fun! Cute hair by the way!