Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Mommy and Maryam time

Here is Maryam and me playing in her room after her bath on Monday night.
The animal in my right hand is a Joey that Shawn bought for Maryam at Oktoberfest. She loves this little guy. The animal in my left hand is a wolf that the boys bought Maryam last year from VA. I was giving her a little "night night" puppet show on how you kiss good night and go to bed.
Here she is loving the wolf and below she is loving the joey.
She had her first dose of Synagis on Monday down in San Marcos. We had to go to a different clinic this year than we did last year. I don't like this at all. We have a really good relationship with the nurse that ran the clinic last year. She is also Dr. Bromberger's Clinic's nurse, we love her. But they were trying to do us a "favor" by sending us to the clinic in North County so we wouldn't have to travel as far. This nurse took forever to administer the shots. Both Maryam and I got a flu shot but Maryam also had to get two shots of Synagis. She was MAD at this nurse! It was funny. I thought Maryam was going to push her or hit her or something, so I snatched her up really quick and distracted her. Then she finally stopped crying and was mad at me! She ran out of the room up to Yaya and pointed at both thighs and said, "boo-boo" and started crying again! I cannot believe that she already knows how to milk it.
Well, cut to the bath 5 hours later. She got into the bath, stood up and said "boo-boo" again! I assured her that its OK for her boo-boos to get wet and she was finally able to sit down and have fun. Of course when I dried her off, she reminded me yet again of her boo-boos. Funny baby. The good news is when she woke up Tuesday morning, she had forgotten all about them.
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Anonymous said...

That is so funny about her shots! Mason ran from the nurse & totally flipped out yesterday for his flu shot! As soon as we got into the car he cried for my mom. He didn't even cry last year! It is funny how young they know to milk it!