Monday, September 22, 2008


I was talking to my mom last night about the different words that Maryam is trying to say when I realized that she says a lot more than I thought. She's actually trying to say the word please after every request. She'll say "upa pees" which is Maryam for "up, please." She'll point to the pantry and grab at the pantry handle and say "cookoo pees" or "numnum pees" which is Maryam for "cookie please" and "cheese puff please." And she'll do the sign for please and thank you, but she doesn't attempt to say thank you the way she says please. She did start saying the word "more" while she signs it. And she's starting to do the sign for drink while she points to her Honey Bear Cup and says "dink." And she'll point at my Diet Coke can and say "Coke" while shaking her finger at it. She knows its a "mommy drink" and not a "maryam drink."
Today Maryam pointed at Mr. Bishop and said "bichup." It was so cute.
Other words she says daily are:
Hadow - hello
nye-nye - night night
upa - up
dink - drink
wawa - water
Mamey - Mommy
Diddy - Daddy
She sings along to a songs on the TV too! She's especially fond of the theme song for Two and a Half Men! She always sings, "meeeen" at the end. Its cute. And the "think, think, think" song on the Winnie the Pooh cartoon.


McMary said...

Hey, what about "Anno" and "BUG! BUG!"?
She's so cute!

McMary said...

Hey, what about "Anno" and "BUG! BUG!". She's so cute!