Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Princess Maryam

Maryam found a princess crown yesterday and decided that she wanted to wear it. She walked around the house wearing her crown. She had no idea that she wasn't wearing it properly and I thought it was too cute to try to put it on correctly.
Maryam didn't sleep very well last night. She's still suffering from her molars coming in. She actually cries in her sleep. Its so sad. I managed to put teething gel in her mouth without waking her up. I was pretty surprised that she didn't wake up from my fingers in her mouth.
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sharon said...

Hey Maryam, How much do you weigh now? How tall are you now? Granny Sharon knows you are getting bigger everyday but I do not know the numbers.
Love the crown. You wore it beautifully. You are a true princess and we love you and love seeing everything you do. So you keep us happy and proud of our princess.
Love you sweetie
Your Granny Granny