Tuesday, September 2, 2008

What a weekend!

Here are Maryam and Anna recovering from their weekend. They both had just woke up from naps and decided to cuddle up on the bean bag chair and watch Max & Ruby. (Its a cartoon about bunnies, if you're unfamiliar)
Here is Maryam playing in her chef hat that Auntie Brande bought her. How funny is it that she's playing with her shipment of Pediasure? Does that mean she knows its food? Does that mean she knows that food is cooked? I'm guessing its all coincidental!!! But FUNNY!

We had a GREAT weekend! After Saturday's Game day I hosted a technique night/crop night at my house. I managed to get 8 scrapbook pages done! Well, I got 8 12x12 pages with photos on them, I still need to do all of my embellishing and stamping to actually complete the pages. The GREAT part about that is, I am caught up through February 2008! Maryam's first year scrapbook will go from May 2007 (when she actually came home) through April 2008. I'm doing a completely separate book for her NICU stays. While I was scrapping, Brett took Maryam over to his parent's house to play with The Boys. They went to the skate park!! Brett got GREAT photos of her playing with Paddy and Collin, but I left the camera in Uncle Scott's truck! You'll have to wait until the end of the week for photos. Sunday we went over to Brett's parent's house again and this time Maryam was in her first squirt gun fight!! Again, you'll have to wait on the photos, but trust me, they're SUPER cute!!! She was walking around in her pink and brown bikini, wearing a big floppy hat, sunglasses and sneakers! It was awesome!
On Monday Brett and I went to the UCLA v. Tennessee game to celebrate Scott's birthday. Sadly Tennessee lost.
While we were in LA watching the football game, Maryam was at her Grandma and Popop's house learning new signs. She learned the sign for cookie! Hooray! And today she used it! Anna was eating a cookie and Maryam gave Anna the sign for cookie and then took it from her. Don't worry, I got Anna another cookie.
Tomorrow Camp Jennifer will have a new camper. Madeline, who is a niece by marriage... I think...(Justin's wife Lynn's older sister Leanne's daughter LOL) will be coming to play with Maryam and Anna.
In some SUPER FANTASTIC news, Maryam is still doing REALLY well on her O2 levels at night! She's waking up in the morning really pleasant, (that's normal, she's never woken up sad or upset unless she's sick or teething) the snot around her nose is gone, (I'm guessing the antihistamine is working) and she doesn't have the dark circles under her eyes anymore! HOORAY for that. Tomorrow I'll be emailing a spread sheet that has Maryam's O2 tracking to her Pulmonologist and see what he has to say. HOPEFULLY he'll say call Apria to have the tanks picked up! My friend Ellen gave me some GREAT scrapbooking advice on that....take a picture of the truck as it goes away and dedicate an entire two page spread to being OFF O2!!! Amen sista, amen!
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