Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Child's Play

Last night Brett took Maryam over to the Carnes' to play with Ian and Anna. (And so he could continue is Bromance with Shawn and bond over more video games) Christi got these great photos of the kids playing together. Above are Maryam and Ian cuddling. Below we have Maryam and Anna playing on the kitchen floor. Christi said they were acting "odd." She said they were crawling around and licking the floor...I think that's WEIRD!!!!

Above we have Maryam looking SUPER cute, except for her super bizarre hair. WHAT WAS I THINKING? And below is an action shot of the girls being "odd."
I was reading a book to Maryam a few minutes ago and she did the cutest things. She pointed at a cat and said, "ca." Then on the next page she pointed at a bird and tried doing the sign for bird and YELLED "weet, weet, weet." I think she was trying to say tweet since she did know the sign for bird, she's obviously made the connection! Hooray! We taught her that sign in the pool. Every time a bird flies over head I do the sign for bird, point to it and say tweet, tweet, tweet. Its working! Hooray!
Today Maryam just had to have a cookie because the other kids were. It was so funny. I handed it to her, she walked over to Anna, watched Anna put the cookie in her mouth and did the same. Then Anna took another bite, obviously after swallowing the first. Maryam spit her first bite out and took a second bite. IF only she could learn to swallow! And Anna is so good about giving Maryam food, its adorable. Today Maryam was walking around with a piece of hot pocket for at least 20 minutes trying to figure out what to do with it. I think she's noticing that the food goes in other people's mouths and doesn't come out. When I finally took the hot pocket away from her at least 5 minutes went by when she spit a bunch of it out onto my shirt. She's REALLY trying.
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