Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Camp Jennifer

Having another baby was fun! They all played pretty well together. Madeline pulled out toys from the bottom of the toy box that Maryam hasn't seen in forever and that Anna probably hasn't seen ever! So of course it was like having new toys and they all wanted to play with them. Madeline has the benefit of being much taller than them, so she was able to dig really far down and get which ever toy she wanted! The girls just followed her around waiting for her to put the "new" toys down. It was super cute.
Here are the three of them watching Big Big World.
Here is Maryam SUPER surprised that World Word was starting. I don't know why, its on the TV everyday!
Here are Maryam and Anna in their new matching dresses. Maryam has the piece of hot pocket I was talking about earlier and Anna is destroying a "tower" that Brett built out of their blocks. Thanks for the dresses Christi! They look SO darn cute when they match!
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