Thursday, August 28, 2008

My days

Here are Maryam and Anna sitting on the couch in their Winnie the Pooh dresses. As you can see, Anna is the hugger and Maryam only tolerates it. If only she were more lovey dovey like other little girls are! Oh well in time. After all, she did start hugging us FINALLY! That only started about a month ago AND she doesn't turn her face away when we try to kiss her either!!! AND she's starting to give kisses instead of just "noggin!" So, that's more evidence pointing to her oral aversion being better.
In the above photo Anna and Maryam were fighting over who gets to sit on the bean bag chair. Then they heard Mr. Bishop bark and all bets were off, something new got their attention.
Later on they decided that they could share the bean bag chair. How cute is this? They're watching Sesame Street of course.

The past few nights we've been testing Maryam off of the O2 and she's been doing wonderfully! Her sats are staying in the mid 90's even! We're going to keep checking for the next week and pray that she keeps her sats high enough that we can call Apria and have these 14 O2 tanks removed!!!!! It will be so wonderful to never have to order another box of Tagaderm (the tape for her cannula) or adhesive remover or nasal cannulas or an O2 delivery!!!! PRAY that she passes. AND Daddy conceded, we're moving Maryam to her own room this weekend! How exciting is that? She's growing up. I think we're all going to need some time for adjusting and as long as her O2 sats stay high, everything will be wonderful.

Since Tuesday Maryam has been running a fever. I think I can attribute her fever to the 7 teeth she is currently trying to cut. 7! Can you believe that? What luck! She has molars on both sides on top, 2 teeth on the bottom right and 3 on the bottom left. Poor little punkin. So far the highest her temp has gone to is 102 and that was today. Yesterday the highest I saw it was 101.9. I think if she keeps this up I'm going to email her doc and ask her if I should bring her in....JUST IN CASE.

Auntie Brande, Grandma, and Collin popped in for a visit today. Silly me didn't think to take any photos of all the kids playing together in Maryam's room. Oh well, maybe this weekend I'll use my brain a little better and actually takes some photos of Maryam playing with her cousins!!!!
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