Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Catching up!

On Friday afternoon Maryam decided that, "anything Anno can do, I can do too" and picked up her sit-n-spin to walk through the living room and sadly took a header. Everyday Anno (that's what Maryam calls Anna) goes into Maryam's room and brings her sit-n-spin out to play on. Well Anna has no problem carrying it around and moving from one end of the house to the other, but Anna is bigger and stronger than Maryam. Apparently Maryam doesn't know that, because on Friday after Anna left Maryam tried doing what she had seen Anna doing the past few days, lost her balance and fell with her head first right on to the top of the toy. Maryam ended up with a cut on the corner of her eye and a bruise down the side of her cheek. She's all fine now though.
The rest of these are just cute pictures of Maryam. The above photo I thought was a bit crazy because it was the first time I saw my resemblance in her. Well, not my resemblance now, but how I looked as a child. I look at the above picture and I don't see my baby, I see a little girl. It makes me both happy and sad. Happy because she's growing! Sad because she's growing! LOL, wow, being a mom has made me all mushy.

We went to San Diego yesterday evening to see Maryam's pediatric pulmonologist. We LOVE him, however yesterday Maryam did not. As soon as he walked in Maryam got nervous and scared. It was strange. She's seen many doctors in her life and this was the most nervous and scared I've ever seen her and he wasn't even wearing a white coat.

He was happy to see that Maryam is off of the O2 during the day and is anxious to try to get her off at night. He prescribed an antihistamine to see if that will help her with her restless sleep, the darkness under her eyes, and the dried up snot on her nose every time she wakes from sleep. He wants us to give her the new med at night with her last feeding and spot check her at least twice during the night to be sure she's sating above 90%. He says she should sat between 90%-92% and he thinks she can do that on room air. after 7-10 days he wants an email letting him know if she passed or not. Hooray! How rad would that be? So tonight we start a new test! This is a test I'm VERY happy about!

He also confirmed that she qualifies for the synagis shot again this year! I'm so glad of this. He said she meets all the standards: under 2 when RSV season starts and was receiving pulmonary therapy within 6 months of the season starting. So, basically if she had been taken off the O2 before May 1 she wouldn't qualify, but because it was in July she does! w00t!

Only other news to report is that Maryam is talking WAY more than she was. She tries to say everything that we say. Its really cute. Of course hardly any of the words come out sounding right the first couple of times, but she's getting there!
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Jennifer said...

Hooray for the new study!

She looks so much like you in ALL her pictures. She is the spitting image!

sharon said...

I will try again Maryam to write a comment. I hopeI do it right this time.
You'd think that being married to the computer man from 29 palms, I could get this to you. Not happening.
You are precious. Granny Sharon loves you and checks your blog everyday and try to comment everyday but it soetimes don't work.Love you sweetie