Thursday, August 28, 2008

Monkey see, monkey do?

Here are the 3 kids laying in bed watching a Baby Animals DVD.....I wonder where they got that from? Hmmm? Could it be from watching their daddies play Play Station 3 for 5 hours? Hmmm? I dunno...what do you think? Isn't it Bromantic? (If you sing that, its WAY funnier!)

Here is Maryam after her bath. For some reason tonight she just wasn't feeling it. From the minute I put her in the bath tub it was like she was in sensory over load. It was really weird. What is normally very relaxing for her was the complete opposite for her tonight. She started crying and trying to climb up my arms to get out. I couldn't tell if she just wanted out of the bath tub or out of her own skin, IT WAS BAD. Then when I did get her to calm down (I did brushing using the washcloth instead of her actual brush) she was fine! She played with all of her toys and didn't want to climb out of her own skin or the tub anymore. But as soon as it was time to get out, she went into sensory over load again! This time I used the towel to brush her down and when I got her to her changing table I was able to do the joint compressions and she totally mellowed out again.
After the joint compressions I rocked her to sleep feeding her. It took barely 10 minutes for her to fall asleep. And even after all the crying from the sensory over load, she's respirating fine! When I sat down to write this blog entry she was sating at 94%! How awesome is that?
I TOTALLY forgot to mention the great eating and drinking news for today...DUH! Maryam drank some capri sun today! She took Anna's from her (sorry Anna) and just started walking around the house drinking! How cool is that? Then I gave Anna hers back and got a new one for Maryam and she continued to drink it even though it was a different flavor!!!! Hooray! AND, AND, AND Ian says he saw her swallow Jell-o! Ian is very intuitive of Maryam's eating problems, especially for only being 4. Everyday he asks me, did Maryam swallow anything today? And every time he eats something in front of her he wants her to watch because he's "going to teach her to swallow today." But even if she didn't swallow the Jell-o (I really think she did!) she did swallow some watermelon! She didn't swallow the whole big piece that she stuck into her mouth, but she definitely swallowed most of it! She just sucked on it until there wasn't much left. I did the stroke her neck trick that Amanda taught me, and the blow in her face trick that Amanda taught me and it worked! Christi, Ian, Anna and I all started blowing in her face while I stroked her neck and eventually the teeniest tiniest piece of watermelon came out and that was it! The rest went down her throat! HOORAY!
We're on day 4 of really bad teething issues. Hopefully she'll get some sleep tonight. Last night was better than Monday night and Tuesday night where we got a whole 4 hours of sleep between the two of us. It looks like the molar on the bottom left MIGHT finally come through sooner than later. The gums look more yellow and white tonight than they have all day. Wish us luck!
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Anonymous said...

Yaya misses her and please give her lots of hugs and kisses from me.

Yaya said...

Yaya misses Maryam soooo much. Please give her lots of hugs and kisses from me.