Tuesday, July 1, 2008

June 2008 a VERY good month

June was an AMAZING month for our family. At the beginning of the month Maryam had her Preemie Follow-up visit with her neonatologist where we were told wonderful news! First off, her lungs sound fantastic! Second, we were going to start testing her off of O2 during the day! Third, we were going to ween her off of her many meds. Fourth, she was all caught up physically to her actual age putting her in the 50% for her 18 month ACTUAL AGE! Fifth, Maryam was caught up to her adjusted age in all of her motor skills tests! HOORAY! It was a GREAT visit.
Then we started testing her off of the oxygen and she's passing with flying colors!
With Maryam's new found oxygen tube free freedom, she started cruising! Then, she took her first steps! AND, we caught it on video!
She started drinking ounces and ounces of water! And she's tasting more foods everyday.
We celebrated Father's Day at Disneyland! How GREAT is that?
We took a family road trip to Yellowstone with Maryam's cousins who just moved back to CA from VA.
And of course we've had lots and lots of fun swimming in the pool with Yaya, Papa and Chalie Mae. And even spent some time in the pool with Trip and Paddy!
June was a wonderful month for us. I think its a sign of a great rest of the year.

I put together a montage of photos from June. I set it to the song that my Uncle Richard wrote for Maryam while she was in the NICU fighting for her life. Pay close attention to the words, its beautifully written and to this day, still makes me cry.

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Anonymous said...

Praise God for such a great month! Loved the song...made me cry too! Take care!