Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Crazy hair baby...

Mommy's new crazy hair and Maryam's daily morning hair.
Seriously, this is the mess that Maryam wakes up with EVERY morning! Its hysterical! Some mornings are worse than others, but this "do" here, is the norm. Daddy and I decided that it was time to show the world Maryam's "good morning hair."

How GREAT is this? Tomorrow will celebrate the 4th week of Maryam being off of oxygen during the day time. And LOOK! Hooray! She's sating at 97%! Her bpm's are high, but they always are, so don't be concerned. We get concerned when she goes over 205 for more than 5 minutes, which she hasn't since we've had the pulse oximeter at home. Now, for the super cool news, Maryam has been off of most of her meds for 4 days! She still has the inhaled steroid, which SHE HATES, but we notice a significant difference in her breathing on days where she falls asleep before we have a chance to give it to her.
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