Monday, June 30, 2008

Desert Life.....

Here is our new home. Our friend Shawn said it best, "Desert Generic!" But it will be our new home! Hooray!
So, today Maryam and I were sitting on the floor reading a book when I saw a Black Widow spider on her foot! I grabbed the book and hit her foot, which she didn't appreciate! But she would have appreciated a bite much less, I think I made the right decision. The strike didn't kill the spider, but it stunned it long enough for me to get rid of it.
For those of you who have never seen a Black Widow, they're VERY distinguishable from other spiders.
So, Maryam's sign for the word book has improved, I think. She went from putting her hands open, together with her palms up, to putting them together palm to palm and then opening them up really far apart. I can't tell which is better. The fact that she's technically "opening" her hands like she'd open a book seems like she's making an improvement. The fact that she knows she's making a sign for book is fantastic! She points to which book she wants then does the sign for book! AND, she's trying to say the word book. It sounds more like "bu" and she's usually pointing at the same time, then does the sign immediately following her point. I'm so proud of her.
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Anonymous said...

Whoo hoo! Congrats on the house!