Monday, July 21, 2008

Fun in the pool

Maryam learned how to hang on the edge of the pool all by herself! She puts her hands on the edge and puts her feet on the wall and pulls herself up out of the water. I guess that means she's getting stronger!
Here is Maryam and Daddy hanging on. They're so happy and cute!
Maryam also learned to jump off of the second step into Mommy's arms! She took a few steps and then put her arms out and fell into my arms! It was such a GREAT feeling to see her so happy to have a new accomplishment.
So, I took Maryam's bathing suit off before we went into the house to help stop getting the carpet all wet and she just took off! She ran back towards the pool where Daddy was. I thought she was going to go jump back in, but then she took a U-turn and headed back to me....she just couldn't make up her mind!

How cute is this photo?
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susanh929 said...

So cute! That's awesome that she can pull herself out - she must be really strong!

The Shultz Family said...

So cute Jennifer!!