Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Checking out the terrain

Mr. Bishop in our amazingly landscaped backyard. Don't be jealous y'all!
Here is Maryam checking out the backyard. She NEVER wants to go outside to play, probably because its way too hot! But yesterday she kept pointing outside and saying, "iontdat." Which we have figured out means, I want that. So, we took her out to see what she thought. Mostly she lost her footing and fell down a lot. But she did have fun putting her hands in the dirt and picking up and dropping rocks. Of course, I didn't get any of that on film, because I left the camera inside. By the time I came back out, she was on the porch and ready to go back inside.
Even Mr. Bishop got tired of being in the sun!
Today we took M out front to check out the front yard. Daddy was out watering, our sprinkler system needs some work, and M was wandering the yard. Our street is on kind of a hill so there is a good 3 feet difference between our house and the house next door. M was over looking near the property line when she slipped on some dirt (SHOCKING) and then rolled into the neighbor's yard. She rolled twice! It was hysterical! The good news is, she stood up and laughed! She wasn't embarrassed or hurt, I think she thought it was fun.
We're still testing Maryam's O2 levels at night. A couple of nights ago I put the pulse oximeter on her and she wasn't staying over 90% on 1/16 liter of O2 per minute. So, I turned her up to 1/8 LPM and nothing! It didn't budge! FINALLY it went up to 92%! This scared the crap out of me. It took me going all the way up to 1/2 LPM until she finally got up over 95% and even then it stayed steady around 95-96%...not good. I started skimming my memories for the day, was she feverish, was she breathing hard, did we give her the breathing treatment, does she need lasix? Then, it happened. She rolled from her back to her stomach....and voila! 100%! Clear as day...100%. So, I turned her down to 1/4, still 100%, turned her down to 1/8, still 100%, turned her down to 1/16 and we got some movement...98%. 20 minutes later I go in to see how she's doing...still at 99% on 1/16 LPM. Relief....I was going to finally go to bed. Then it happened again....her levels started dropping. When it stayed at 92% for more than a minute I got up to look at her, I wanted to see if she had her face buried in the sheets or something, NOPE! She had rolled on to her side!
OK...I've never been more convinced that her O2 needs at night are positional. When she's on her tummy, she's fine! Its when she's on her back or side that she starts requiring help. When she had her Preemie Follow-up appointment in June her neo put in a referral for Maryam to see an Ears, Nose and Throat doc because her tonsils looked large and because Maryam is a restless sleeper. Her appointment is July 31st and I'm definitely convinced now that she needs to see this specialist.
In molar news, it still hasn't cut through. Last night poor Brett had to stay awake with her until 6am. Stupid me got dehydrated, so I was pretty much useless. I had her up until 2:30, when I got so dehydrated that I got sick and could barely stand. At that point Super Daddy took over and I started to recover.
This evening we went swimming with The Carnes Fam. Anna tried teaching Maryam to do Patty-Cake better! It was super cute! Super Mom Chrissy actually took photos of the girls together, I stayed in the pool. When she sends me copies, I'll post them. Tonight Maryam went to sleep at 11pm, since she only had a half hour nap today, ran a muck ALL day, went swimming for an hour and a half and only had 5 hours of sleep last night, I'm anticipating a full night's rest. Good night!
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