Monday, July 21, 2008

Probably not a future Rachel Ray

Maryam LOVES her kitchen....obviously. She woke up this morning and went straight to it. She pulled all the pots, pans, lids and utensils to the ground to bang on them.
Then she proceeded to stand on the doors of the dishwasher and oven.....and apparently I haven't taught her very well to close the refrigerator door, because she doesn't!
She's getting better at steps up and down. She still eats it occasionally when she walks through the threshold of the house, but that's to be expected, she's only been walking a few weeks.
We were up most of the night last night because Maryam is cutting a molar. Her mouth was so red and swollen that she couldn't even close her mouth all the way. She was miserable. I felt so terrible, the only thing I could do was cuddle her, which she couldn't get enough of, even still today, and give her some Tylenol and teething gel. She wouldn't let me put anything cold in her mouth and in fact, she has stopped drinking water the past few days too. My only guess is that the water or the sucking bothers her mouth. Speaking of drinking, Mommy did a boo-boo. Mommy drove off with the Honey Bear Cup on the roof of the car. Ooops! So, RIP Honey Bear Cup.
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