Monday, June 16, 2008

Tigger's a whole other story!

So, we're standing in line to take photos with the characters at Pooh Corner, when Maryam goes nuts trying to get to Tigger! He noticed the crazy spazzy baby and waved at her. She was so happy she just kept waving at him!
The above photo is Yaya, Papa, Tigger and us.
For those of you who have been around Maryam when she gets excited about anything, you've seen this before. She goes nuts and tries to climb up whomever is holding on to her! Its as if she just can't contain herself and has to crawl on top of you! This is what she was doing in the above photo. She was cracking up!

Here's a cute family photo with Tigger. Maryam got all bashful on him. She's been doing that more and more lately. Its cute because she's so sweet when she does it.
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