Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Welcome to CA Carrolls

Here is Maryam and Paddy. Boy did they have a good time together. He helped her walk around the house, gave her toys to play with, helped her eat some dinner and pretty much spent the evening attached to her hip! My favorite moments were the kisses on the cheeks, him calling her "Cutie," and asking me, "Aunt Jen-Jen, what is Baby Maryam saying? Because I can't understand her."
Maryam and Collin, Collin use to be the baby, now its Baby Mayam.
Trip, Maryam, Paddy and Collin....can you guess which one is the cousin and which ones are siblings? Pretty obvious! Her brown hair really stands out next to those blond boys!
Watch out California, The Carroll Boys are back!!!!
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