Thursday, June 5, 2008

Maryam, Mayda and one little Honey Bear Cup

So, Mommy's friend Auntie Mayda came over tonight for a visit. She wanted to see Maryam without her oxygen on and drop off a book for me to read. While she was here Maryam drank AT LEAST 2 1/2 ounces of water out of Honey Bear Cup! The GREAT thing is Maryam was drinking like a "normal" baby would drink! Instead of one swallow at a time, VERY SLOWLY, she was taking 5 or 6 swigs and swallows at a time! It was SO WONDERFUL to watch! She did this after we put the oxygen back on her. But we did do one more O2 test before we put the cannula back on and she was sating anywhere from 96% to 100%!!! When she was squirming around the lead wasn't working properly and it would go down into the 80's, but then would pop back up to 100%, so it wasn't a true reading. But how GREAT is that? 14 hours without oxygen and still managing to sat at 100%!! WHAT A GREAT DAY!
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