Thursday, June 5, 2008

12 hours and going STRONG!!

Those BIG flirty eyes and NOTHING on her cheeks!

So, we just hooked her up to the pulse oximeter and Maryam's O2 sats were 97-98% again! She's still going strong! I'M SO PROUD OF HER!!!
On a TOTALLY selfish note, can I just tell you how wonderful it was going out in public and not having to see all the stares! No one did a double take, no one asked a stupid question, no looks of pitty, just us and our baby! It was RAD!!!!
On a totally different note.....How do you know when your baby has had too many Cheetos or Cheese Puffs? When you're walking through the aisle at Costco and they point at the bag and say, "ooh...num nums!" LOL, I thought it was hysterical!
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Leanne said...

Yeah!!! I'm so glad she is doing so well without the oxygen. That is awesome! And hey, you can never have too many num nums! Cheetos rock!

susanh929 said...

Awesome! So glad Maryam is doing well without the O2 and I know you must have felt wonderful being out with her and feeling so "normal." Yeah Maryam! :)