Friday, June 6, 2008

Kleenex anyone?

Now that Maryam's free of her oxygen tube bindings, she is getting into EVERYTHING! She crawled behind the furniture and pulled the Kleenex box down and then proceeded to pull most of the tissue out of the box and throw it EVERYWHERE!
What a mess!
In this photo she just got finished tearing a piece of tissue apart and throwing each piece on either side of her.....silly baby.

We've done two sat readings today. The first was great! She stayed between 97-98%, just like yesterday. The second one was mostly at 95-96% and she was eating. I was tube feeding her and she was chewing on some Cheetos, pretzels and chips. So, Maybe the breaks in breathing for chewing or swallowing affected the reading? Most likely she uses more energy eating than she does doing nothing!
We got Maryam's new Mic-Key Buttons today. She's grown so much that she's had to move up a size in buttons. When the one she has wears out, I'll put the new one in.
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