Friday, June 6, 2008

Day 2 and all is well!

We took Maryam off of her oxygen this morning around 9:30am. I waited for Brett to wake up before I took her cannula off. She tested well ALL day! This evening she tested at 99% for about 10 minutes! How GREAT is that? Right now she's being fed her last meal for the day and is starting to go to sleep. I noticed that the past 2 nights she has slept better. I'm wondering if that's because she is not getting medicine at night anymore. I'll have to ask her pediatrician if those prescriptions could affect her sleep.
Well, Maryam has certainly gotten use to not having her O2 tube attached! She's started cruising along the furniture in both directions! AND, she can walk if she holds both of my hands! All of a sudden, she just reached for my hands and took off! Her steps are awkward, unbalanced and clumsy, but she is definitely trying to figure out how to walk. I, of course, keep trying to get her to crawl. I'm not going to stop normal development, but I'm not going to overly encourage her to walk faster than necessary. I even put her lion walker toy in another room! But Maryam found it and dragged it out.
She drank 3 ounces of water tonight! She just gulped it down. She didn't drink much the rest of the day, so I guess she was making up for it.

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