Saturday, June 7, 2008

Day 3, still at 97%

Maryam decided to "help" Daddy take the cannula off this morning, by pulling her tape off without adhesive remover. You can see the big red mark on her right cheek and the little red mark on her left cheek. Poor punkin!
This dress is from Auntie Pami, a pink Pooh dress! How perfect is that? It's 18 months and tight around the mid section! I guess she is getting chunky! But from what I've heard, 32" and 23.5lbs should still be on the thin side! But she certainly doesn't appear thin!!!
Her test this morning was GREAT! 97% and going strong. That was after A LOT of crawling and cruising around and after her morning meal! So, I'm VERY proud of that reading.
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