Saturday, June 7, 2008

Getting a little tired

We just tested Maryam again and her sats fell a little bit. She averaged between 95-97%. I'm kind of bummed, but we're not giving up on her yet. Last time she was tested off of O2, after a few days she got tired too. Stamina and endurance both major issues for a little baby with lung disease. Hopefully her next test will be a little better. I'll let you know, I always do!

In other news....Maryam is managing to stay on her feet when pushing her little lion toy around! The first few days that she used it she would stay on her knees to push it. But last night and all day today she's been staying on her feet! Its ADORABLE!

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sharon said...

Maryam you are adorable. Those eyes of yours are out of this world.You are doing soooo good without your tube. I knew it was time. You keep it up.
Love you .
Granny Sharon