Sunday, June 8, 2008

Day 4 without O2...summer, summer, summer time

Maryam outside playing with the hose. Mr. Pat was watering the palm trees and measuring some of the property to put a patio or deck down to place the bar on and Maryam went crazy with the hose. This is Maryam's first experience with the hose. I think she likes it!
She eventually put the hose up over her head and got her head an face all wet. She didn't care nearly as much as I thought she would!
Last night Maryam was up from 3am to 7:30am. Poor Daddy is exhausted today because he stayed up with her. I guess she spent the whole time playing! I find that crazy, because she played REALLY hard all day yesterday! How much energy could she possibly have had left? Then this morning she slept until 10am. Not nearly long enough. Hopefully she naps well today.
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