Friday, May 23, 2008

The computer is home! Hooray! Thanks CCI!

I thought these pictures were cute! These are of Maryam watching the Country Music Awards. Who knew a daughter of mine would enjoy country music? I think its because one of her nurses played it a lot while she was in the NICU. Thanks Nurse Carly! The above photo is of her watching Kenny Chesney and George Strait.
Still watching after the performance of "Shift Work."
Then watching Reba talking about Lord knows what.

On to business. Maryam had TWO sessions of OT today, yep, TWO! One with Amanda, the other with our new therapist Dawn. Things went well with Amanda. Maryam ate some ice cream and tried some vanilla pudding. Of course she munched on some cheese puffs, crackers, chips and Cheetos. She seemed to either get tired or bored towards the end, I honestly couldn't tell which, but she just sort of lost interest in the whole process.
Skip to an hour and a half later and 3 towns over and we met our new therapist Dawn. We were there for two and a half hours for an assessment! That was an hour and a half longer than I thought we'd be there! She asked a million questions and watched Maryam's behavior. She watched Maryam play, crawl, figure things out and interact with us and her. After an hour and a half or so of playing it was time to see how Maryam ate. She did AMAZINGLY well! Dawn put peanut butter on a spoon and Maryam picked up the spoon and put it into her own mouth! She just started moving her tongue over the peanut butter tasting it and exploring it. And of course she put anything and everything into her mouth that Dawn gave her! I couldn't believe it! Little show off!
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