Friday, May 23, 2008

Playing catch-up

Stupid Questions/Comments
So, Sarah and I went shopping in down town Temecula last weekend, we went specifically to go to a scrapbook store that we know has REALLY cute and girlie zoo paper. When we walked in to the store, what was the store owner's first question? NOT, how can I help you? NOT, can I help you find something? NOT, is there something specific that you're looking for? But, What's wrong with your baby? I was holding her at the time, I looked down at her to see if she was blue or suddenly unconscious to find her looking perfectly normal! So I said, nothing, why? Then it occured to me, "Ooooh, the oxygen? She was born 15 weeks too early and her lungs aren't quite developed yet." Then to my FAVORITE QUESTION OF ALL TIME...How long is she going to have that? "UM, until she doesn't need it anymore!" DUH! At that point, Sarah's reaction was, let's get the "f" out of here and I should have agreed, but I continued shopping. Giving her the benefit of the doubt.
Next...the washing machine repair guy comes to the door. I open it, he says he's there to FINALLY fix the machine and I invite him in. I no sooner close the door when I hear...."Wow! A baby on oxygen, that's got to be upsetting." My response, "not as upsetting as it was when she was on total life support for almost 2 months. Or laying in the NICU for 5 months. She's come a LOOOOONG way and the only thing that upsets me about her being on oxygen is when people say things like that. The washer is through this door." Hooray for me! I FINALLY did it! I managed to actually say what I was thinking. I'm sorry if I hurt his feelings, but those types of comments hurt mine. I know they shouldn't because I should be use to it by now or at the very least give these people the benefit of the doubt that they've never seen a baby on oxygen before. But sometimes it REALLY hurts my feelings. It makes me long for winter again, where I have an excuse to just stay inside.
Feeding Clinic News
So, Kaiser denied our request to go to an intensive feeding clinic. They claimed we have not exhausted all of our options and/or their services. OK, never mind we've been in OT since mid last year, they want us to see their OT. So, now Maryam is going to be in PT twice a week, OT with Amanda twice a week, OT with Kaiser's OT twice a week and still have EI once a week. And gas isn't getting any cheaper! Of course this new OT is in Palm Desert. Even further away than her first OT. Lucky us! The benefits will be seeing what a new OT thinks of Maryam's oral problems, getting more therapy (it can't hurt) AND this OT doesn't technically work for Kaiser, so she said she'd have NO PROBLEM referring Maryam to the feeding clinic if she doesn't think she can help in a timely manner! HOORAY! Today is our first double OT day. Her first apt is with Amanda and then with the new OT after that. Wish us luck!
We have a cruiser. Well, she's trying anyway. Yesterday she cruised all the way around the ottoman to get to Auntie Sarah's Coke only to be rejected once she got there. Of course I gave her a cup with water, but she REALLY wanted Sarah's red Del Taco cup. As most of you know, Maryam can't drink carbonated beverages because of her stomach surgery. Now, how do I explain that to a 17 month old? LOL
Maryam is continuing to try new foods. By try them, I mean that she tastes them and then spits them out. She is drinking a lot more though! Oh and she did eat my ice cream off a spoon. She actually let me put the spoon into her mouth, she took the ice cream off of the spoon and then swallowed! It was awesome! She hasn't done it since, darn it.
Blog updates
Blog updates are going to become more scarce. Our laptop is in dire straights. Its been in the shop since Wednesday and from what I understand it might be there a while. At first my friend Jason thought it was just a virus that needs to be removed, but now he thinks it may be more than that. He can't get rid of that blue screen of death! Darn it! I'll try to do "mini" updates using my cell phone, but I've never "mobile blogged" before, so we'll see how that goes!

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Good for you to speak your mind. That must get very annoying after a while! Glad to hear things are going well!