Sunday, May 25, 2008

Baby, Baby, Baby

Here is Uncle Justin, Auntie Lynn and the girls. We don't have many photos of them together, so I took the opportunity to get some! I LOVE Charlie's leg in this photo! Hysterical!
Here is Maryam having a GREAT time playing her little piano.
Here are the girls is Maryam's crib while Auntie Sarah and I got their bath ready. They took a bath together in the big bathtub. While they were waiting in the crib, Maryam did laps back in forth in the crib while Charlie Mae played with the acquarium.
Here are us four girls together. So much fun!
OK, so last night at dinner we had a very strange thing happen. We were all eating dinner while Charlie was in the high chair and Maryam was in the exersaucer thing. Charlie was being fed some beef and vegetable Gerber concoction while I was feeding Maryam some of the food off of my plate. (All of which went on the floor after she touched them to her lips) When we finished eating Maryam kept pointing at Charlie and making her "oh" and "oooh" noises she makes all the time now. We figured she wanted the spoon for some reason. Well, we gave her "a" spoon dipped in the beef and vegetable mix and she actually put it into her mouth and licked the food off! So I kept giving her more and she kept doing it! It was AMAZING!!!! She even let me put the spoon in her mouth with the food on it. I think she's really starting to take an active interest in eating. I guess its because she's at the age where she's learning that we all do more with our mouths than just talk and she wants to be like us too. She tastes EVERYTHING now! Even things that she shouldn't, but the fact that she is less intimidated by food than she use to be is great!
Today at lunch she was sharing her Cheetos with cousin Charlie. It was really cute and TOTALLY gross. But hey, they're babies, they're suppose to be gross, right?
Maryam is trying to cruise more too! And today she stood unassisted for nearly 10 seconds. Of course I keep thinking that she's going to take a header, but she hasn't yet! Hooray! Oh and her crawling is getting much more coordinated. Maryam has bad neck extension so when she crawls she has a hard time looking up, consequently, when she crawls too fast she runs into things. Well, we've been working with her and her neck to help her look up more when she crawls. Her PT has given us suggestions on how to help her and it seems to be working. Maryam isn't running to things as much as she use to.
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