Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Apria news

I got a call back from Colleen, the manager of customer service at Apria this morning. She said that she spoke to her Kaiser contact and found out that all of Maryam's orders are still going through Apria in San Diego! WHY? We changed it all over in August! We even got confirmation that it was all changed. Weird, right? So, Colleen said that all we have to do is have Maryam's doctor resubmit all of her orders for all of her equipment AGAIN. And that this time it should all go to the right place. I don't know why its still going through San Diego, but I already emailed Maryam's doctor and asked her to re-order the equipment we're still using and d/c the equipment we're no longer using anymore.
I still haven't heard from DME yet. That should be fun, CAN'T WAIT!
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