Wednesday, May 28, 2008

And the hits just keep on coming

So after another day of being on the phone with Kaiser and Apria we finally have answers...sort of. According to Apria, the reason they were going to stop delivery of oxygen and medical equipment is because all of Maryam's orders are going through San Diego and need to be transferred to Fontana. Done. According to Kaiser, it doesn't matter where the orders to Apria go because 29 Palms is outside of Kaiser's delivery area. Since we're outside of Kaiser's delivery area, they refuse to allow Apria to deliver to us either.
OK, Member Services says that our coverage includes ALL medical equipment but there is nothing they can do if we're outside of their delivery area. Of course this begs more questions which Member Services didn't have the answers to and we're suppose to have answered tomorrow when the manager of DME calls us.
1. If they won't deliver, can we come pick it up?
2. Where do we need to move to so we can be back in their delivery area?
3. Has 29 Palms ALWAYS been out of their delivery area or did the delivery area change and if it did change, when?
4. Can we pay even more to include "out of area" coverage?
5. Do I need to get a lawyer? Because if our insurance covers the equipment, can they really deny giving it to us?
I'm too mad to write anymore right now.

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