Thursday, May 29, 2008

The 3 day nightmare

So, apparently "attention to detail" isn't part of the job description for M. at Kaiser's DME in Fontana. This woman put us through hell because she neglected to read all the delivery details for our zip code! Can you imagine? Apparently, what she read was that Kaiser isn't covering our town for their "Senior Advantage Program." So, once Maryam turns 62 Kaiser won't cover her medical equipment if she's still living here. Can you believe that? So, the lady from Member Services was correct, all we needed to do was have Maryam's doctor resubmit all of the orders for Maryam's equipment to Apria and then all will be well again. At least that's what we're being told today. WHO KNOWS at this point? According to Lori the manager of DME, all the orders are up to date as of yesterday and there will not be a laps in Maryam's coverage, oxygen deliveries or any of her food & equipment deliveries. We'll see what happens when I make next month's order.
Maryam had PT again today. Today we were told that Maryam has a significant disassociation between the top of her body and the bottom of her body. We have to work on exercises that combine her top and bottom using her oblique muscles. The therapist suggested a 'sit-and-spin.' Also, I have to continue working on getting her to use her right leg more. Right now she's primarily uses her left leg to try to stand up or to rise from a high kneel to a standing position. What I've been doing is grabbing her left leg so that she's forced to use her right leg. After I do that a few times, she uses her right leg more. But after about 30 minutes she goes back to all left leg. She also uses her right leg more after I do her tummy and leg exercises. In good news, she is transitioning to a sitting position from a crawling position over both hips! Hooray! She was only using her left hip, so I guess these exercises are helping!
I'm still totally stressing about the idea of CP, but I can't let it bother me. I just have to push it out of my head and readdress it when she's 2. I'll ask her neo about it on Tuesday, but other than that, I'm going to just let it go. Well, that's what I'm telling myself anyway! I'm going to try REALLY hard. The past 3 days have been such a nightmare. I honestly think my ulcer is back. And I still haven't decided if I'm going to complain to Kaiser about M. at DME or not. I'd write her full name out if I wasn't afraid she'd sue me for libel or something.
So, now that the nightmare is over I feel totally stupid for having even talked about it. But writing on this blog makes me feel better. So sorry if I made anyone else worry, but the good news is the equipment issue is all over, FOR NOW.
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Keep writing and talking..tells us how to be more specific in prayer! Know we are all right there with you even if we are miles away! Aunt Helen