Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Cute Baby

I just think this is a cute photo. Maryam's just up on her knees checking things out. A weird thing happened with her tape on her face today. It actually tore. I've never seen it tear before, usually it just sort of roles up and off, but today it tore right on top of the cannula. I re-taped her before she went to sleep.
In this photo she's trying to let Auntie Mayda drink from Honey Bear Cup. I think she does this because I take a bite and then offer to her. Or I take a drink and offer to her. Now she takes a bite or a drink and offers it to whomever is nearest. SO cute.
OK, how cute is this? She's offering Honey Bear Cup to her Giraffe toy!! She's SO good at sharing! I LOVE IT!
Here is Maryam standing like a big girl. She still needs support, but not as much as she used to. She stood earlier today unsupported for a good 10 seconds! It was GREAT! AND, when she fell, she fell on her hiny, just like she's supposed to! Hooray for maryam!
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Anonymous said...

Hi Baby Girl. Daddy misses you and he wishes he could be with you right now. I loved the pictures of you sharing your honey bear cup, you are such a good girl. I have been hanging out with your cousin Charlie Mae and she misses you very much too. Be a good girl for Mama. I love you