Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Maryam is 16 months today, wow time goes fast!

This is the face we woke up to yesterday morning. I looked over at her crib and her eyes were peering at us through her "baby jail," as Brett so affectionately refers to her crib.
Here is Maryam sitting on the dining room table. My mom took her out of her high chair and was holding her when Maryam decided it would be more fun to crawl on to the table. At which point she proceeded to dump the bread bowl and a glass of water all over Mommy!

Here is Maryam and Great Grams. They both look so happy! Can you believe Grams is going to be 90 this year? CRAZY!

I just noticed if you enlarge the photo of Grams and Maryam you can see 3 of the 4 teeth coming in on the top of Maryam's mouth! AND she slept all night last night! Hooray!

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chrissy said...

Slept all night? I'd be happy for HALF a night at this point! Lucky you...