Monday, April 7, 2008

Maryam and Great Grams

Great Grams put Maryam on the seat of her walker today. It was cute. (Grams' walker, Maryam doesn't have one.)
We were a little better at distracting Maryam today so that she'd stop pulling on her cannula. We got some great ideas from other people who's preemies were on O2. We're going to try them and see how it goes. Right now our primary defense is distraction!
Maryam did SUPER good with Honey Bear cup today! She drank an ounce and a half of water before bedtime and she even took 3 sips from the straw! She actually sucked on the straw! She's done that before accidentally, but today she appeared to have done it intentionally. She kept trying to suck the water up. Of course at one point she got a little more than she anticipated and some of it "went down the wrong pipe," but she recovered really well with little panic.
She crawled EVERYWHERE today! She's at the point where if we sit down on the floor on the opposite side of the room from her than she crawls over to us! Its so wonderful to see. I'm so very proud of her. All that PT homework is paying off!
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