Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Changin' it up

OK, so we decided to see what would happen if we took the tape off of Maryam that was holding her cannula on. The result, she only pulled on her cannula once today! My early conclusion, its the tape bothering her, not the cannula. So, we tried 3 different varieties of cannula placement sans Tegaderm. The first test consisted of putting the cannula over her ears and tightening it around her back. This worked well she didn't touch it once! But it did move while she napped, the cannula ended up on top of her nose and it was difficult to adjust without taking the whole thing off.
The second test consisted of putting the cannula over her ears and tightening it under her chin. This worked REALLY well! She did pull on it once, but when she did it was much easier to adjust than having it tightened around the back of her head. The downside was when we put her down to crawl, the cannula often got in her way.
The third test was similar to the second, only we ran the cannula down the inside of her shirt. This added some much needed freedom! With the cannula running down the inside of her shirt, it was no longer in her way. So, I think we're going to try this approach for a few days and see if she continues to leave the cannula alone AND see if it stays on while she sleeps. She's a pretty restless sleeper, so I'm curious to see if this cannula placement has any staying power.
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Emily said...

I'm so glad that worked. That's exactly how we do Dakota's, down through the shirt and everything and it's been a life saver, not to mention the cannula stays up in her nose better. Dakota doesn't do well when the prongs aren't completely in her nose and they always seemed to hang out with the tape.