Friday, March 14, 2008

Wow! More GOOD news!

In this picture Maryam is playing with Mr. Bishop's tail, as you can see, he LOVES it. I actually think he was afraid she was going to try to pull it off! She's wearing little pink wranglers from Yaya and a cute little polka dot T-shirt from The Greats. (I started referring to Great Grams, Great Uncle Tonce, Great Auntie Karen and Great Auntie Kathy as The Greats)
So, Maryam let me put a Popsicle in her mouth today. And orange flavor one and it was funny to watch. She would open her mouth, I'd put the Popsicle in, then she'd close her mouth and make a funny face and then repeat the whole thing over again. At first she was spitting her orange flavor saliva out after she tasted it, but eventually she started swallowing. Of course she started swallowing after I finally put a bib on her, duh Mommy!
Maryam also took a potato chip from my mother and put it in her own mouth. She just sort of gummed it to get the salt off. Of course after the salty potato chip she was thirsty. She let me pour a whole half ounce of water in her mouth and she swallowed ALL of it! Her shirt didn't get wet once! And she took all of that in about 3 or 4 minutes! I'm just so excited right now that I can barely contain myself!
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Jennifer said...

WOW!! I am so impressed over this big improvement! I hope and pray it continues, and gets even better!